Fact-Check Insights puts the power of a global database of fact-checks at your fingertips.

Fact-Check Insights is a powerful and groundbreaking resource for researchers, journalists, technologists and others studying the fight against political falsehoods and online misinformation. Our comprehensive global database contains structured fact-checking data for tens of thousands of claims from politicians and social media posts that have been analyzed and rated by independent fact-checkers.


This rich, important dataset grows every day, providing key data about articles from fact-checkers around the world, including well-known organizations such as FactCheck.org, PesaCheck, Factly, Full Fact, Chequeado and Pagella Politica.

The Fact-Check Insights database is powered by ClaimReview — which has been called the world’s most successful structured journalism project — and its sibling MediaReview. Both tagging systems allow fact-checkers to enter standardized data about their fact-checks, such as the statement being fact-checked, the speaker, the date, and the rating.

Download the Fact-Check Insights dataset to uncover trends and track innovations around the world.

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Accessing the Fact-Check Insights Dataset

The Fact-Check Insights dataset is available to academics, researchers, journalists, fact-checkers and others who plan to use fact-checking data for research and development purposes. Access is free, but registration is required.

Visit the Download the Data section for more details and to request access.


Data in Action

What can you do with the Fact-Check Insights data? Researchers are using ClaimReview to track the growth of fact-checking organizations around the world, to analyze which politicians’ statements are most frequently found to be false, to compile lists of websites that have proven to be sources of misleading information, and more.